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Amerex ABC Fire Extinguisher 2.5/5/10LB

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ABC 2.5


ABC or Multi-Purpose extinguishers utilize a specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical. It chemically insulates Class A fires by melting at approximately 350°F and coats surface to which it is applied. It smothers and breaks the chain reaction of Class B fires and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

ABC Dry Chemical, Multi-Purpose

Capacity 2.5 pounds
Chemical ABC Dry Chemical
Discharge Time 10 seconds
Range 9-15 ft
UL and ULC Rating 1A:10B:C


Capacity 5 pounds
Chemical ABC Dry Chemical
Discharge Time 14 seconds
Range 12-18 ft
UL and ULC Rating 2A:10B:C


Capacity 10 pounds
Chemical ABC Dry Chemical
Discharge Time 20 seconds
Range 15-21 ft
UL and ULC Rating 4A:80B:C

Marine fire safety fixed fire protection links and resources

Marine Fire safety is a critical component to ensuring your safety while out on the water.  Having the appropriate Fire extinguisher and proper fixed fire safety equipment on board could make a big difference in the outcome of a catastrophic event.  Make sure that your boat has the appropriate fire suppression system on board including an engine room automatic fire suppression system, the correct amount of fire extinguishers, Life preservers, flares, radio communication devices, EPIRBS and other safety devices.  The coast guard will only respond if they know you are in danger. 

Some boats will have an automatic fire suppression system in the engine room which is not the right size.  Ensure that the engine room has been appropriately measured L x W x H= V and install the correct size fire system designed by the manufacturer.  Pre-engineered fixed fire systems are intended to protect by the amount of gas that is in the bottle and the range from 25 cu ft to 1500 cu ft.

The waters are abundant, and a lot of the time you are the only one out there so be sure that you are prepared.  Ensuring that all your systems are current is critical when you need them the most.  Below are some links that should help guide you making sure you have the right equipment on board.

Pacific Fire and Marine is an authorized dealer in marine fire safety equipment for your vessel.  Give us a call if you have any questions about what your boat needs and we will help you.